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RAMP recognised accredited course

A great achievement for ATSL

ATSL achieves RAMP Recognised Education Provider status

We are absolutely delighted to confirm that the Animal Therapy Solutions Level 4 Diploma in Equine Sports Massage has now been assessed and recognised by the Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP), and ATSL have achieved Recognised Education Provider (REP) status.

RAMP are a voluntary register within the animal musculoskeletal profession working towards industry regulation and promoting professional standards.

This means that students successfully completing the Level 4 Dip ESM course will be able to count 46 academic credits and 150 hours of clinical experience/training towards their journey on the pathway to full RAMP membership.

RAMP say “Through understanding skills, knowledge and behaviours and successfully applying them in direct context, learners will be provided with relevant, first-hand experience which suitably prepares them for employment and progression within this specialist area.

This course will be accepted as the total massage component for a RAMP entry criteria and will be credited 150 practical education hours towards a full submission to RAMP, on graduation from further education, to one of the three professions

RMP member with horse

The Level 4 Diploma is already accredited by the Open Awards for OFQUAL, additionally it is accredited by the Animal Health Professions Register (AHPR) for direct entry to the register within the Soft Tissue and Massage subgroup.

Completion of the course also leads to entitlement to membership of the elite Equine Sports Massage Association.

Recognition and accreditation by RAMP, AHPR and Open Awards reinforce the position of the Level 4 Diploma in Equine Sports Massage as a high quality course and the premier route to training as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist.

RAMP accreditation further illustrates the difference between the ATSL L4 course and other, unaccredited training programmes which do not, in real terms, result in formal qualifications for learners.

You can read more about our accreditation on the RAMP website : https://www.rampregister.org/node/30509

If you are interested in training with us, please get in touch to discuss your situation and to receive an information pack.


  • Equine Sports Massage Association
  • Animal Health Professions Register
  • Open Awards
  • RAMP