RQF Registered equine therapy courses in Devon

Equine massage therapists examining horse

Overview of unit: Y/650/3930: Equine Handling and Professional Conduct in Equine Sports Massage

Responsibilities to owner and horse before, during and after equine sport massage treatment

Legal obligations relating to equine sport massage practice
Safely handle and manage the environment and horse during equine sport massage treatment
Maintain accurate records
Assess the horse statically and dynamically

Overview of unit: F/650/3933: Equine Sports Massage Techniques

Standard massage strokes and specialised manual techniques
Perform a complete equine sports massage treatment
Explain contraindications to treatment
Reflect on own performance

Overview of unit: H/650/3934: Functional Anatomy of a Horse

Identify bony landmarks of a horse, joint structure and function and its relationship to functional

Indoor school session
Indoor school session

anatomy of the axial and appendical skeletons
Functional anatomy of the equine axial and appendicular skeletons
Actions of individual muscles and muscle groups related to functional anatomy of the axial and appendicular skeletons
Integumentary system and its relationship to massage and performance
Lymphatic and circulatory systems and their relationship to muscle function, massage and performance
Core stability and spinal stability
Conditioning of a horse
Common ailments affecting musculoskeletal structure and their effect on the locomotor system

Overview of unit: J/650/3935: Therapy in Practice: Equestrian Activity

Human and physical activity in the equestrian sphere

Overview of unit: A/650/3969: Equine Sports Massage Management

The effect of tack and saddlery on the horse
The management of the competition horse with regard to massage treatment
Techniques for improvement of the physical health of the horse by prescription of suitable exercises
Foot balance and shoeing theory
Inflammatory process, tissue repair and relationship to massage therapy
The general health of a horse

A continual formative assessment procedure will operate throughout the course which is also summatively assessed by submission of case studies, and by written, practical and oral examination.

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